Animal Crossing: New Horizons affected by review bombing on Metacritic


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has also been peppered by a case of review bombing in Metacritic. The new episode of the saga, available for less than a week in Nintendo Switch, is now affected by abbombardment of negative reviews —Generally a 0 out of 10– by hundreds of users who angrily wield some of the limitations of the video game.

The criticisms of this review bombing, as in any other case of this type where disrespectful evaluations are poured and without entering into reason, there are limitations in the multiplayer and individual mode. Right now, if the press comes across a 91 out of 100 in Metacritic (63 reviews covered by the web portal), the average mark of the users is 6.3 with a total of 1361 reviews; of them, 493 are negative and 832 positive.

The comments, mainly in English, blame Nintendo for inability to create more than one island on the console even though we have more than one account. In this way, even if there are two, three or more saved games, they will all share the same island. It is unknown whether or not Nintendo will make any changes in this regard in the future, as originally planned to prevent problems, tampering, or cheating with the saved data. It should also be said that in no previous delivery of the console could you have more than one island per cartridge.

Generally, the editors of Metacritic go on to eliminate all these criticisms, which do not reflect a cohesive opinion between the text and the rating (0, 1, 2) over the days if the rules of use of the web portal are breached.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons, now available on Nintendo Switch

The title, which has been in development more than seven years, has debuted with UK sales records and also in Japan. In British lands the commercial performance in physical format has been greater than that of all the previous deliveries together; In addition, it has become the fastest selling Nintendo Switch game in that territory.

Nintendo already has warned that the severity of the coronavirus may affect the publication plan of the DLC that will be arriving free of charge in the near future.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons It is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. From MeriStation we are working on a complete guide to the game. If you plan to get hold of it, we will tell youwhere to buy the game in physical and digital format, at what price and with what editions. We also invite you to read our title analysis and see how they are all multiplayer features. In the future, it will be possible to make backups of our departure in the cloud in case of theft, loss or breakdown of the console.

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