The first woman dies of Coronavirus in Mexico; 5 deaths


This Tuesday the death from the first woman due to Coronavirus in Mexico. This was announced by his relatives, who is now the fifth victim of the Wuhan virus in the country.

Her name was Martha and she was 61 years old. According to her daughter, the woman traveled to Spain and returned to our country on March 17. A day later, he began to develop symptoms of COVID-19. He died this Monday, March 23 at 5:30 p.m.

As a risk history, Martha suffered from diabetes and multiple myeloma. However, her daughter accuses government authorities and ABC Hospital of negligence and omissions, the first place where she went to see the day after returning from Spain. Likewise, it stated that it was not adequately reviewed when it arrived in the country and reported a lack of follow-up by Locatel.

In interview with Millennium, the daughter of the first woman killed by Coronavirus In Mexico, he asserted that the ABC Hospital did not follow up on his mother’s case. In addition, the hospital, he assured, did not have the results of the COVID-19 test on time, regardless of the fact that they paid 25 thousand pesos for the consultation and analysis. Just this Tuesday, 8 days later, the hospital released the result; a day after his death.

Martha would have “died locked up” if she had waited for Locatel

After being informed at ABC Hospital that the results would take several more days, Martha’s family, who had a high fever rate, marked Locatel. The institution only recommended keeping it isolated. A doctor, the alleged director of epidemiology for Benito Juárez, contacted them and offered to send a team to do the test at home.

If we had followed Locatel’s directions, my mother would have died locked up, at home and without being recognized as a carrier of coronavirus. Y [con] all of us at risk because, although we try to be very strict on the hygienic question, we did not escape being infected, “Martha’s daughter told Milenio.

As she became more serious, Martha’s family rushed her to the Angeles Metropolitan Hospital. They immediately tested her and confirmed that she was infected with COVID-19. After her death, they cremated her and were unable to give her a funeral: they are all in isolation.

With information from Millennium.

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