Coronavirus in Argentina: a piece K that was not adapted to the Alberto Fernández manual and chained stumbling blocks and conflicts


Alejandro Vanoli he entered a deserted Pink House a few minutes before 6 in the afternoon without knowing, possibly without suspecting, that it would be his last minutes as head of the ANSeS.

I had summoned him Santiago Cafiero after a talk with Alberto Fernández in which what this strident exit was defined: for being the first volume in the Fernández era and because it involves a leader who on the map of the Frente de Todos (FdT) is noted as a piece of Cristina Kirchner although in the environment of the former president they assure that she did not propose it for ANSeS.

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The President, government sources tell Clarín, I had decided to remove Vanoli for some time, annoyed by the official’s operational errors and by the complaints that the governors and mayors transmitted to him.

At midmorning, Fernández heard the suggestion of his chief of staff to resolve, as before, the Vanoli file. “It is unsustainable that it continues. It never adapted to the ANSeS, it is a difficult organism” they said from the Albertism.

The president wrote down to Vanoli the logistical error due to the queue of thousands of retirees at the ATMs to collect their assets, an incendiary postcard in the middle of the quarantine. In the last hours, they impute another stumbling block for not sending representatives of the State to the Techint assembly.

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“When he put together the payment operation, he forgot 1.5 million retirees” shouted, the president denied after that fact that the day before he had been 3 hours making with Vanoli and Miguel Pesce, holder of the BCRA, the dynamics of payment.

It was not the only anger. The delays with the payment of the IFE, which started with a wrong calculation: the day of the announcement, the official estimated that there were 3.6 million pesos in conditions to receive the emergency contribution, but 12 million were recorded and then about 8 million were delivered.

For this reason, in the Government, talk about “accumulation of problems” and they point out that it was difficult for the economist to join the management team. “I made decisions autonomously, without consulting”, added a source that was to the details of the exit.

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The reproach was repeated, among others, Claudio Moroni, Minister of Labor under whose area, administratively, is the ANSeS.

It was, rebounding, a problem for Cafiero and parEduardo “Wado” De Pedro, the Interior Minister, who had to put out conflicts and discomfort of the governors due to their short circuits with Vanoli.

The economist, in the FdT tribal design, paid the homeland group but it had in ANSeS leaders linked to Maxim Kirchner and La Cámpora as his vice, Santiago Fraschina, with whom the relationship was tight. “We do not consider Vanoli as lost because for years she has not reported” A K operator pointed at Clarín.

Fernández, who dialogues daily with Cristina Kirchner, has the name decided and will announce it in the next few hours. As in weight measurements, it will be through the mouth of the president.

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It was speculated, for a moment, that Luana Volnovich, holder of the PAMI, takes over ANSeS. “She is doing a great job at PAMI,” they said from the government to rule out that the leader could go there.

In Fernández’s talk, Cafiero stated that Vanoli’s continuity was “unsustainable” and that a decision had to be made when before because the link was broken. The President gave the OK. That has its own muscle because the request to run the official was from the chief of staff.

The procedure, like this and everything, was curious: why remove an official and not immediately announce the successor if the replacement is decided?

There was, perhaps, a tactical move by Fernández to hasten Vanoli’s departure amid controversy around home prisons ordered by the Justice, in which the Government was bogged down.


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