Florida for normality with 355 new cases of COVID-19


Unfortunately, since the outbreak began to date, 1,218 Floridians have died of the pandemic and 5,419 have been hospitalized. However, the number of people discharged from hospital institutions is unknown.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, decreed the first phase, out of three, towards normalization. In which it authorizes the opening of restaurants and shops, provided they work at 25% of their usual capacity. However, in this step to normalization, Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach are excluded, which, although “they are moving in the right direction to control the pandemic,” account for 57.3% of deaths and 59.5% of the infections of the state, when its population constitutes 28.9% of all the people who live in Florida.

DeSantis also authorized the resumption of surgical operations across the state, but maintained a ban on visiting nursing homes and clinics and the reopening of bars, gyms, hair salons, movie theaters, and theaters.

Miami-Dade, after performing 83,087 tests, 11,927 residents were positive and 70,714 negative. Which means that the contagion rate among the people tested has dropped to 14.4%. Since the pandemic began, 338 Dade residents have died, meaning 27.7% of recorded deaths statewide are from residents of this county. In this same period, 1,445 infected have been hospitalized here.

For his part, Broward has carried out 45,297 diagnostic tests to find 4,898 infected and 40,337 people negative for coronavirus. This shows that the rate of infections among those tested has dropped to 10.8%. Unfortunately, 182 people have died after contracting the virus, or 14.9% of all Florida deaths. In addition, 934 have been hospitalized. In the last day, 39 new infections have been registered in the county, which seems to confirm the downward trend in the level of infections.

The contagion rate in Palm Beach is 10.6%. 27,347 tests have been performed, of which 2,911 were positive and 24,137 negative.

According to the last part, there were 38 new cases found in the last day, 83 fewer than the previous day. To date, 416 residents have been hospitalized, while 178 have died, after being infected by COVID-19.

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