Mayor of New York calls corpses found in trucks “abominable”


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New York Mayor Bill de Blasio considered Thursday “abominable” and “totally unacceptable” the finding of dozens of bodies in trucks without refrigeration in front of a funeral homeBut he defended that this is an isolated case and that the city is adequately dealing with the large number of deaths from COVID-19.

“It was a horrible incident, it is inconceivable. I can’t understand how they let this happenDe Blasio said at a press conference about the situation uncovered at a Brooklyn district funeral home.

The New York Police, after receiving calls from neighbors warning of the bad smell, On Wednesday, he discovered around fifty bodies stored in trucks belonging to the U-Haul chain, normally rented for hours for moving, and on the floor of the funeral home, with some corpses in a state of decomposition.

De Blasio considered the situation “unacceptable” and recalled that Funeral homes have an obligation to treat those they serve “with dignity.”

“I have no idea how a funeral home could let this happen,” insisted the mayor, who recalled that the City Council is supporting all the funeral homes that report difficulties, so the latter should have notified the authorities of the overflow that it suffered.

As he said, after this episode formulas will be sought to improve communication and ensure that nothing like this is repeated.

De Blasio, in any case, stressed that this is not a general problem and that, for the most part, funeral homes are adequately managing the difficult situation created by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic, which It has killed more than 14,000 people in the city.

“The vast majority are doing an admirable job,” said the Democratic politician.

In the face of the pandemic, New York hospitals, morgues, and funeral homes have in many cases been forced to use refrigerated trucks to maintain bodies waiting for families to bury loved ones.

In the case of the Brooklyn funeral home, bodies appear to have been in rental trucks, without refrigeration, for more than a week, in a state of decomposition in some cases, which was what caused the bad smell, according to police sources told local media.

Agents believe that most of the bodies were of people killed by the coronavirus.

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