Mexico extends protection to disabled people against Covid-19 | News


The Mexican Government presented a guide to protect the health of people with disabilities against the advance of Covid-19 in the country.


Flight to Mexico with medical supplies from China

The document highlights the basic measures aimed at that sector of the population, “so that no one is left behind and no one is left out of the health response to prevent and treat this disease.”

According to the general director of Health Promotion, Ricardo Cortés Alcalá, a campaign will be carried out through social networks to “reach as many people as possible and also explain with videos and audios how the link we make with the civil society and sign language interpreters ”.

Among the measures, the empowerment of a line via WhatsApp stands out so that translators of the sign system translate the feelings of the patients to medical personnel.

It was also revealed that the realization of the guide is due to a coordinated and collaborative work with the Three Twelve Movement and other civil society organizations, specialists in the field and relatives of disabled people together with public institutions.

The guide for the Protection of the Health of Persons with Disabilities in the Context of Covid-19 is aimed at those who present difficulties of the auditory, intellectual, autistic spectrum, cerebral palsy, motor, psychosocial and visual disabilities.


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