When she becomes queen Kate Middleton will receive a cursed crown


Kate Middleton He is one of the most popular royalty members due to his charisma. All the English people seem to love the prince’s wife William.

However, there are rumors that on his coronation day, he will receive a crown that is cursed.

Unlike other countries, England He continues to perform a coronation ceremony when it is time to inherit the crown.

Let’s remember that the prince William he is the second in the line of succession, after his father, the prince Carlos with what Kate Middleton she will be queen too.

However, there are some rumors about the jewel that the duchess will wear on her head. It should be noted that the piece has already been used before by Queen Elizabeth’s mother and that it is said to have a diamond that she says is cursed.

And it is that as indicated, the diamond was stolen from India, so until now there are still conflicts because the royal family owns it.

More of the cursed crown Kate Middleton will receive

The crown of the Queen mother was made by the jeweler Gerrald & co. The piece has more than 2,800 diamonds.

In addition, that in the center it bears a 105 carat diamond, said piece was extracted from the India and it is said that for this reason he is cursed.

At the moment, the diamond is stored in the tower of London. But because the crown does not want to incur major expenses for a new crown for KateEverything seems to indicate that this will be the royal jewel that the duchess will wear on her head the day she is crowned queen consort.

Yesterday the ninth anniversary of the wedding was celebrated between Kate and William. The celebration became one of the most expensive royal weddings in history and one of the most important events of the British royal house.


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