“70% of the campus will be dismissed”


The panorama that arises in the Ascent is even more grim than in First. While the doubt persists about whether there will be football in the remainder of 2020 and whether the promotions will be on the field, the reality is that the contracts of many players ends at the end of June, Given this scenario, and without football at least until September, there will be major bloodletting in clubs.

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San Martín de San Juan, who did not finish in the top eight of Group A to play a hypothetical reduced to ascend to First, knows that he will have a long stand. And Jorge Miadosqui, its president, did not walk around. “70% of the campus will be dismissed,” he told Jáchal Magazine. And he explained the reasons: “Surely we will have to form a totally different team according to the income we have at the time. We do not know what we will have next month or the other month or until December. I think it will be impossible to play before December. “

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As for the reality that the Green-black lives, Miadosqui made it clear that the economy of his institution is one of the strongest in the category, but that nevertheless is not without its problems. “We have a much calmer reality than other Nacional clubs. We must be one of the best positioned institutions in terms of the economic situation. But we do not know what the future is. The players must know that until that date we will be paying them or not, we don’t know. But we are doing it day by day. ”


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