Aislinn Derbez will not let Mauricio Ochmann go and unveiled their plans together


After the couple made up of Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann Announcing their separation, the actress reveals the plans she has in mind and in which the actor is very present. Will there be reconciliation?

Mexican actress Aislinn Derbez, daughter of the producer and comedian Eugenio Derbez He hinted at some of the plans in mind so that his daughter’s father, also an actor Mauricio Ochmann stay by your side.

Over several weeks, the couple has kept the public in expectation and there have been divisions of opinions regarding those who support the actress and those who encourage the actor, it is worth mentioning that for Ochman there has been a marked majority after revealing some scenes from reality TV “Traveling with the Derbez

It may interest you Mauricio Ochmann, another woman who is not his daughter or Aislinn occupy his thoughts

However, the actress He has also made it clear that the actor will always be in his life because they are a family and they always will be because they are also united by great love.

He recently hinted at some of the plans that will keep them closer and is that the comedian’s daughter revealed that she does not rule out working with her ex-partner Mauricio Ochmann in one of the most important projects of his career.

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Among some of the details he disclosed, he explained that he had a project underway in which he would speak openly about some themes such as the process of separation from her ex-husband, about maternity, as well as other issues that couples commonly go through today.

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In a question and answer session the actress She was questioned by one of the users about whether she would be willing to record a chapter of her podcast together with Mauricio Ochmann, to which the actress responded without hesitation, with a resounding yes. He does not rule out recording a program with him, but it would be later, he said; “When we are ready, I think so,” as announced by the newspaper “El Heraldo”.

You can also read Mauricio Ochmann would not participate in the second part of the reality show De Viaje con los Derbez

After sharing his opinion with the fans, Aislinn He also confessed the experience that the breakup process with the actor has left him and also gave his opinion on the issue of infidelity, one of the most difficult topics in couple relationships.


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