Alberto visited a factory and asked not to lower his arms


In the tour of the production lines and his contact with the workers of the plant, he stressed that this type of undertaking “speaks very well of the entrepreneurs who realized that there was a demand that Argentina could not even satisfy by importing products, so they reconverted and made chinstraps in an absolutely hygienic condition ”.

“One highly values ​​enterprises of this type to be able to respond to the demand that health was needing at the moment,” stressed Fernández.

The factory produces the chinstrap with a machine that was brought from China in one of the flights that Aerolineas Argentinas carried out to transport sanitary supplies to mitigate the spread of the pandemic in Argentina. At the same time, the production of chinstraps and caps is intended to guarantee the sustainability of job sources in the company.

In sending a message to businessmen, the President maintained that the “most important thing is that we maintain the Argentine economic structure” in a country that “has distinguished itself because, for many years, it developed its own industry.”

“Caring for our industry is central, because it gives us power as a society, it gives work to many Argentines. Think that we are one of the few countries in the world that does respirators automatic. In Argentina, it started with two brothers, an engineer and a doctor, who realized that this could be demanded by the world, “he concluded.

Nation will deliver more respirators

The Government will carry out today a new delivery of 275 respirators throughout the country, in order to continue strengthening the federal health system. In this way, the Nation will have distributed a total of 1,011 respirators since the start of the pandemic. Supplies for personal protection and coronavirus tests will also be delivered. The operations will be coordinated by the Ministries of Health and Defense.


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