Canada confirmed its vote for Beaumont


On the closing of the elections for the next president of World Rugby, the North American country announced its support for the English candidate.

The choice between Bill Beaumont and Agustín Pichot is very even and each vote is worth gold to define the next top president of the mother entity of rugby worldwide.

One of them is the one from Canada that confirmed being in favor of the candidacy of the former second line of La Rosa through an official statement that states: “After listening to all the comments collected from our Board, the Performance Leadership Group and the Detailed compromise between Allen and myself, the representative of the World Rugby Council of Canada, Dr. Pat Parfrey, we have considered voting for the candidate that we believe will best meet the needs of Canada. ”

“I would like to formally confirm to Rugby Canada members our decision to support Bill Beaumont in his bid to be re-elected to a new term as President of World Rugby. We believe that Mr. Beaumont will commit to progress in our areas of interest, while offering the necessary stability to move the game forward in this difficult moment, “adds the text.

Lastly, the statement closes: “Although we made the decision to support Bill Beaumont, Rugby Canada would like to acknowledge the drive and energy of Agustín Pichot in his endeavor, and we are excited to continue working with him in the future. ”


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