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Nick Avtges, 88, used to visit his wife, Marion Avtges, every day at a nursing home in Massachusetts, United States. The couple has been together for 61 years of marriage. However, for the pandemic of the new coronavirus, The geriatric center Maristhill Nursing & Rehabilitation Center closed its doors and denied any visit since March 14.

Her children Chris and Suzzane Avtges and friends created a plan for Nick to meet Marion again.. “My father’s routine for most of the year has been: getting up, having breakfast, and heading to the nursing home around 10:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 or 7:00 p.m. of each day ”, her son told the media‘Yahoo Life ’

Chris asked for help in a Facebook post and a friend, Peter Tzannos, who works in construction, offered his tow truck to take Grandpa to his wife. When Nick was told, the man began to cry and did not hesitate to make it happen. “He was as anxious as a child at Christmas,” his son told the local media ‘Wbur’.

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Marion’s room is on the third floor and even looking out the window it was impossible to look good. “I was really excited to get up to get closer to my wifeGrandpa said for ‘Wbur’.

On April 8 they arrived at the center of seniors. They put a harness on Nick and had to bend it to fit him into the crane drawer. Grandpa was holding a homemade sign that said ‘I love you, darling.’ When he was upstairs, they managed to touch their fingertips through Marion’s bedroom window.

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“My mother was approached by the window because she is in a wheelchair. You could see that fragile hand that was rising on the glass and that my father was trying to touch, ”Suzzane told ‘Yahoo Life’.

Grandpa usually talks to her a few times a day since the pandemic started. “It is very difficult not to be able to enter and give him a hug and a kiss. But I will next time I see it, ”Nick said.

Nick is a retired civil engineer in the United States Army Corps.. Marion worked as nurse and teacher in public schools in Watertown, Massachusetts. The family has had difficult moments, such as the death of one of the couple’s children and the two times that Marion suffered from breast cancer, says “Yahoo Life.”

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“If you ask my dad what is the secret of 61 years of marriage, he will tell you the same thing every time:‘ It is a four letter word, love’” Says his son Chris.



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