Coronavirus: Spain reported the lowest number of infections in more than a month | Chronicle


Spain added 1,175 new positive cases of coronavirus, the lowest figure since the country began confinement due to the pandemic seven weeks ago, while daily deaths registered a slight rebound after the death of 268 people, 13 more than the previous day.

The total number of deceased rose to 24,824 and contagions to 215,216, according to the latest balance of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The death toll remains the same (Twitter).

“We have a favorable trend in terms of the number of deceased, we remain below 300, which is good news compared to previous weeks,” assured Fernando Simón, the director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies of Spain, who daily values ​​the evolution of the pandemic.

As for the number of infected, it grew 0.5%, the lowest percentage since March 12, before the start of the confinement, which began on March 14.

“A figure that is clearly showing us the improvement in this situation is that of the new registrations, an increase of 2.5% compared to the previous day”, Simon indicated.

The number of recovered in this country already reaches 114,678 people, after 2,628 new medical discharges.

Spain This Saturday will begin a new stage with the relaxation of the confinement for the general population, who will be able to go out in different time zones to do sports or walk once a day, after seven weeks of hard confinement.

Since last Sunday, children under 14 years old can go out to play an hour a day accompanied by an adult but, from now on, they must also adapt to the set times, in their case a strip that goes from 12 noon At 7 o’clock.

Children can now go for a walk (Twitter).

The elderly will be able to leave between 6 and 10 in the morning and 8 and 11 at night, with the exception of the most vulnerable people, both over 70 and dependents who need assistance, who will have to do it between 10 and 12 in the morning and 7 and 8 in the afternoon.

“Everyone already knows the fundamental measures to reduce transmission, including social distancing and hygiene, and we also know that we have to avoid risks for older people”, Simon recalled.

“This is neither done nor proposed with the intention of catching people with infractions, we have to be sensible and understand our co-responsibility. Case spikes can be a very tough step backwards for the entire population”, warned the expert.

New stages in the future

With the worst of the health emergency overcome and the pandemic in decline, the Spanish government has already begun to deploy a four-phase plan to gradually lift the containment measures under pressure from the pressing economic situation in the country.

Spain It is the fourth country with the most victims (Twitter).

A sign that the situation is controlled at the health level is the closure of most of the field hospitals deployed in the midst of the emergency, including the one that operated at the Ifema convention center.

Meanwhile, the economic forecasts of the Spanish government itself – which it presents to the European Union – are not at all encouraging, since a 9.2% drop in GDP is forecast for this year and unemployment will rise to 19%.

The data for the first quarter prepared by the INE (National Statistics Institute) already reflect an economic contraction of 5.2%.

In this context and coinciding with the celebration of May 1, the President of the Spanish government, Pedro Sánchez, he reiterated in Twitter that will overturn “all your efforts and resources” in defense of employment and workers’ rights “so no one is left behind” before this crisis.


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