Coronavirus: what is the “smart quarantine” that Paraguay will apply from Monday


Rows to obtain food in a neighborhood of Asunción in full quarantine for the coronavirus Source: AP – Credit: Jorge Sáenz

ASUNCIÓN.- After keeping the contagion curve of the new


, the government of


will launch from Monday the so-called “smart quarantine”

to gradually replace current strict restrictions.

The Minister of Public Health, Julio Mazzoleni, indicated that the activities that have been practically paralyzed since the beginning of March will be resumed gradually due to

phases and with rotating shifts, respecting social distancing and hygiene and protection measures.

“The country is going to be divided by areas, we are going to have different phases in which different groups are going to join,” he explained.

“The borders of


They will continue to be closed, classes will be in-person and non-essential offices will continue to favor remote work. Mass public events will continue to be suspended, “he added.

According to Johns Hopkins University monitoring,

Paraguay records 266 positive cases of Covid-19 and 10 deaths from the disease.

The Vice Minister of Transport, Pedro David Britos, announced that starting Monday, May 4,

bus frequencies will increase at peak times,

both in the morning during business hours and in the afternoon for departure. “We are working on what the operation is going to be,” he told local newspaper ABC.

He also added that sanitary measures will continue to be maintained, such as the mandatory use of masks, disinfection of buses before and upon arrival, protection of drivers, among others.

Paraguayan President Mario Abdo Benítez clarified last week that the current measures that restrict the movement of the population with exceptions for those who carry out essential work and need to be supplied will extend for at least one more week before starting the opening process, which is still It does not have an exact date.

“I ask you to hold on a little longer,” said the head of state.

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