Daniel Morón thanks Felipe Scolari for not coming to Colo Colo: “Today we would be in a critical situation”


The Colo Colo goal legend, José Daniel Morón, lived intense weeks since the crisis broke out in the club with the refusal of the Albos players to agree to the proposal for a salary reduction made by Blanco y Negro.

His fierce criticism of the campus caused wear and tearHe ended up with the Parrot resigning from his position.

In an interview with DirecTV, he confirmed his statements and, looking at the financial health of the club, thanked Luiz Felipe Scolari for not arriving. “When you make an investment in a DT like Scolari you are associated with sponsors and more people in the stadium, so that effort would be made. No one expected the pandemic, but thank God it did not materialize because today we would be in a critical situation ”he assured.

Regarding his future, he pointed out that he would never close the door to the club of his entire life. “I am always ready to return to Colo Colo. This club transformed me into an idol of the people ”, he closed.

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