JC Chávez confesses: I thought about committing suicide by drugs


The great champion of boxing Mexican, Julio César Chávez, recently confessed in a chat with the president of the World Boxing Council, Mauricio Sulaimán, about your problems with drugs that made him live a “true hell” and he assured that when he got all the luxuries he had dreamed of he felt “alone and empty”.

“What I experienced was hell for me, it was something very difficult, something very sad. Very difficult for my family. I made a lot of people suffer, I hurt a lot of people, I felt like I was dying. It was a long process, a very complicated and very difficult process because if it were up to me, I would still take drugs but luckily thanks to Dio, my lady Myriam (Escobar) had the courage to put me in a clinic without my consent, “said Chávez at the conversation with the WBC.

As he has rarely been seen, Chávez stripped his soul and said that drugs only took him to a world he never thought he would ever leave, and he thanked his wife for admitting him to a rehab clinic to overcome addictions, since if not, he could even kill himself.

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“It was a very strong battle. I was about to take my life, I was even about to take my brother and my friends’ lives. It was hell. Without friends and I was already staying on the street ”, sums up the great champion who retired with a 107-6-2 mark.

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For JC, the luxuries from his successful career only produced loneliness, which made him relapse again and again on drugs.

“When I started my career I dreamed of many luxuries. With millions of dollars, mansions, cars, yachts … etc. And I got them, but when I got there I did not feel joy, I felt empty and that caused me tremendous sadness. He asks God why I feel so alone and surrounded by many people. It was very sad, ”said Chávez, who assumed that he was eleven years old clean without alcohol or drugs in his body.

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