Johnnier Montaño confessed that there was a specific offer from Liverpool for Jean Deza Decentralizado


The present of Jean deza is -for now- Lima AllianceBut if we review the career of the fast attacker in foreign football, we also find that he went through Montpellier from France, Zilina from Slovakia and Levski Sofia from Bulgaria. However, who knows if the list could be added Liverpool.

In a surprising revelation, the Colombian Johnnier Montaño He said that the English painting was interested in Jean deza, after the friendlies that the Peruvian team had against England and Switzerland, prior to the 2014 World Cup and when he was active in Montpellier.

“When Peru plays against England, against Switzerland, which was preparing for the 2014 World Cup, a proposal comes from a large team from England, and the president did not want to sell it. Of the LiverpoolMontaño said in an interview with Movistar Deportes.

The skillful left-handed soccer player learned of this information through his brother Víctor Hugo Montaño, who at that time was playing at Montpellier. “It was a thing that they called every day, and the guy said‘ no, he still has a lot to give in this team, later I will sell him ‘”, added.

Also, Montaño was in praise of Deza. “He can do whatever he wants with the ball. Unfortunately, he has made mistakes, I am not the one to criticize him, but they have not protected him, they have not surrounded him well, “he said.

Finally, the player who was announced as a signing of Sport Chavelines, a few months ago, wished that this time of quarantine had helped to reflect on Jean Deza, protagonist of some acts of indiscipline that have put his permanence in Alianza Lima at stake.

Hopefully this quarantine will help him reconsider, and that he can accommodate a lot of things in his head. I know that they have not protected him well, because I know what he has gone through, his family environment, it has been complicated ”, he sentenced.



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