There are already 57 infected with coronavirus in Villa 31 …


The situation of Buenos Aires villas in the framework of the pandemic of coronavirus
and mandatory isolation continues to worsen. In Villa 31 de Retiro the positive cases reached 57, 44 in the last 24 hours. In parallel, 48 other infections were confirmed on 1-11-14 in Bajo Flores. While the contagion curve increases rapidly, residents report that they have been suffering from severe water supply problems for five days in a row
. There are 50 thousand “desperate neighbors” who demand a response from the Buenos Aires authorities and the state Aysa.

“In these five days a drop does not come out of the tap. The cases here are not going to stop, there are 100 more cases that are being studied to find out if they are positive,” warned Marta, a referent of Villa 31, in dialogue with C5N. “No, there was no serious protocol within our neighborhood and the City Government is not in charge, nor is Aysa,” lamented the woman and the neighborhood councilor.

“The coronavirus curve for the poor grew by 1900%,” said Nacho Levy, a benchmark for La Poderosa, and reported that the Buenos Aires government isolated 1,357 older adults, but “they were not transferred, nor guarded in any way” and have been waiting for 5 days answers.

“They do not have fewer problems than other grandmothers. They do not have fewer illnesses than other grandparents. They have no less rights than another citizen. They are 1,357, who only have less money,” said Levy.

“What if Villa 31 were a huge private nursing home? What if these 57 cases detonated there in just 5 days? What if they hadn’t isolated any of the remaining 1,300? How would officials be treating today? those grandparents? How would the media be treating their owners today? “, launched the referent of La Poderosa.

In the morning, when 4 new cases had been known in 31, from La Poderosa they confirmed to PáginaI12 that it was a neighbor with seven children and both she and the three affected by the virus are admitted to the Rivadavia Hospital. The cases were detected without prior visit by health agents from the Buenos Aires government. And controls had not yet been carried out on the environment of that family, both the other members and the neighbors.

5 days without water

“What would happen if some residence or hospital denounced that five days ago it had no water? Wouldn’t all that yellow press shout out loud?” Said La Poderosa. The questions focus on the administration of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, who is the “absolute person responsible for guaranteeing access to water as a constitutional right.” They also demanded that the company Aysa solve the lack of provision of the service and improve the network of lines, which currently supplies “to the contours of informal neighborhoods and some of its main arteries.”

A week before the first cases in Villa 31 are known, as PageI12 revealed today, the Buenos Aires government declared itself “incompetent”
in front of a collective protection presented by neighborhood leaders from various popular neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and union and academic organizations to end the lack of access to water, in addition to launching an immediate contingency plan in the face of the pandemic and the spread of dengue.

“Inside (the town), all the connections have been developed by self-management of the community itself or by works of the City Government, which also pays them with public money, but builds them on ‘informality.’ Cadastres, Aysa’s maps see the hamlets as green squares, as if they were public spaces, ”denounced La Poderosa.

In addition, they denounced that while the city administration “has been privileging marketing and saying‘ urbanization “to the arrival of McDonalds, now we do not have the hell to solve the lack of water. And yes, AySA may have had a problem at some plant, but it is still a ‘borrowing company’ and the owner is still the Government of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. ”


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