Workers’ Day with virtual events, praise to the Government and claims for wages


Without the traditional popular mobilizations that characterize May Day, with activities paralyzed by the

coronavirus pandemic

and through a

virtual act

From the facilities of a recovered factory in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Mataderos, union and social leaders issued a

national manifesto “for sovereignty, labor and production”

. The speakers of the act demanded for the complete payment of the wages, the brake of the suspensions and the wage reductions, and the tax to the great fortunes.

The deputy from the Frente de Todos and leader of the Clasista y Combativa Current (CCC) participated in the meeting, which took place in the Flexible Packaging Slaughterhouses Work Cooperative.

Juan Carlos Alderete

, the general secretary of the Association of State Workers (ATE)

Hugo “Cachorro” Godoy

, the leader of the Confederation of Workers of the Popular Economy (CTEP)

Esteban “el Gringo” Castro

, and the secretary of the Autonomous CTA

Ricardo Peidro


Alderete praised the national government and endorsed the measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus. “The government of Alberto Fernández took the correct measures to confront the coronavirus, defined defending the life of the people over the economic interests of a few and we value that deeply,” he said


big monopolies

, the


and the


, they want to unload the coronavirus crisis on the back of the workers and the people, they amass fortunes, they accumulate wealth and when a crisis comes they unload it on the workers with layoffs, suspensions, wage reductions, and non-payment of wages, “he stressed. .

He also referred to the tax on large fortunes that Kirchnerism seeks to promote, and with an allusion to the former president

Mauricio Macri

He said: “Who is paying for the crisis is at stake in this crisis. We have to move forward with the tax on large fortunes. We were able to stop Macri’s electoral plans. What would have happened to us if Cambiemos won?”

“This manifesto is a call to unite, not only do we have to get out of the health emergency, but also the economic and social emergency. It must have at its center those who generate wealth, so that job recovery can end with job insecurity, which everyone is guaranteed a minimum social wage, “said ATE general secretary and deputy secretary of the Autonomous CTA, Hugo Cachorro Godoy.

In recent days, ATE and the CTA rejected an eventual reduction in wages and were categorically opposed to the agreement signed on Monday between the General Confederation of Labor (


) and the Argentine Industrial Union (


) that reduces up to 25% the wages of workers suspended in activities that are paralyzed by the coronavirus pandemic.

The deputy and secretary of the Tanners Workers Union also participated as speakers

Walter Correa

, the secretary of the Federal Current of Workers

Hector Amichetti

, the secretary of the Movement of Recovered Companies

Gisela Bustos

and the President of the National Federation of Tenants

Gervasio Muñoz



Alberto Fernández

also referred to Labor Day. “I convey all the love and affection and asked them not to lower their arms,” ​​said the President during a tour of an automotive plant in San Martín.

More events and announcements

Without carrying out virtual acts, the General Confederation of Workers (CGT) issued a statement, where it was expressed: “we extend a warm and fraternal greeting especially to those who are putting the body on the front line of fire to guarantee essential services that allow us to fight daily against this invisible enemy that is the CoVid19 “.

He also pointed out against “the miseries of concentrated capital that is bidding to preserve its privileges by pushing more compatriots to hunger and misery.” According to the CGT statement, these sectors, “in their ambitious desire to maximize profits, pressurize governments, disregarding the recommendations of health professionals, putting the health and lives of millions of people at risk.”

The Left also launched a virtual event to commemorate Labor Day. In a simultaneous connection with revolutionary socialist speakers from fourteen countries in Latin America, the United States and Europe, the leaders of the Left Unity Front exposed

Nicolás del Caño and Romina del Plá

, among others.

“The social pact that the Fernándezes promised us [por Alberto y Cristina Kirchner] It is underway to handcuff workers and to pay for the crisis: there is the agreement between the CGT, the UIA and the government to cut wages, “said Del Plá. And Del Caño added:” Today the employers are taking advantage of the crisis to impose de facto labor reform. ”



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