Yes there are beds for Covid-19 patients in CDMX, affirms the capital government


For now, the National Institutes of Respiratory Diseases (INER) and the Institute of Medical Sciences and Nutrition are saturated with Covid-19 patients, but the other hospitals that serve these patients are 60 and 70% occupied, said the Secretary of Health. from Mexico City, Oliva López Arellano.

The official indicated that it is important that people seeking a hospital for their sick family member should use the CDMX App to verify the availability of hospitals and also reiterated her call that when people have days with fever and other symptoms, they go to the medical units so that doctors can act on time.

In an interview with the television program Foro Tv, the Health Secretary said that in the event that the death of a Covid-19 patient without ratification is reported to the authorities, a doctor will be sent to certify. “Even if you don’t have proof, there is already a manual for Covid certification, which becomes Suspicious Covid or Probable Covid if you don’t have the confirmatory test, and you do the death certificate.

Family members are supported to make this quick, they are supported by the funeral process and sanitation is carried out, and isolation recommendations are given to the family members, ”he said.

He stressed that when a person with Covid-19 disease dies at home, an autopsy does not have to be performed; “No … if an autopsy is done, it is said that there is greater contagion capacity for the doctors.”

In the case of a violent death, then an autopsy is done, but doctors must reinforce security measures to avoid possible infection, he explained.


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